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Takeshi Ito

NameTakeshi Ito
AffiliationSophia University
SectionFaculty of Liberal Arts, Department of Liberal Arts
Job titleProfessor
DegreeM.A and M. Phil(Yale University), Ph.D(Yale University), 修士(イェール大学), 博士(イェール大学)
J-Global ID201301090630316685


Research Interests:Agrarian and Environmental Change; Political Economy; Political Ecology; Development; Power, Domination, and Resistance; Ecology, Capitalism, and the State.

Research Interests

Agrarian and Environmental Change ,Political Economy ,Political Ecology ,Development Studies ,Poverty, Aid, and Governance ,Power, Domination, and Resistance ,Ecology, Capitalism, and the State

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences / Politics / Political Science


Apr 2019
Visiting Professorship, Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University,Thailand
Japan Foundation Fellow
Fulbright Fellow


Takeshi Ito   
SACRU reflections on World Food Safety Day      2022   
Takeshi Ito   Mikiko Sugiura   
Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development   63(5) 14-25   Sep 2021   [Refereed]
Takeshi Ito   
The Journal of Asian Studies   80(2) 399-405   May 2021   [Refereed]
Undeniably, one of the rare characteristics of James C. Scott's scholarship is that his analytical insights are widely recognized in many fields beyond political science and Asian studies. Scott's contributions to the vast literatures of agrarian ...
Takeshi Ito   Takehiro Watanabe   
Wetland Research      Aug 2020   [Refereed]
Takeshi Ito   Takehiro Watanabe   
   Feb 2020   [Refereed][Invited]

Books and Other Publications

彩流社   Apr 2021   


Takeshi Ito   Carl Middleton   
The 9th International Symposium on Environmental Sociology in East Asia   
Takeshi Ito   
To Imagine, Design, and Create our Future   4 Mar 2023   [Invited]
Takeshi Ito   
Environmental Change Workshop, Graduate Program in Global Studies, Sophia University   12 Oct 2022   [Invited]
Takeshi Ito   
Global Studies Consortium Annual Meeting   18 Jun 2022   
Takeshi Ito   
Environmental Offshoring: Implications for East Asia’s Regionalization and Sustainable Development   15 Mar 2022   

Professional Memberships

American Political Science Association
Association for Asian Studies
International Association for the Study of the Commons

Research Projects

In Search of Future Farmers: Comparative Research on Young People's Exit from Agriculture in Rural Indonesia, Japan and Nepal
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B)
Project Year: Apr 2022 - Mar 2026
Meaningful Life: Art, Digital, and Field-based Learning
Sophia University: Education Innovation Grant
Takeshi Ito 
Project Year: 2023 - 2025
Enclosing Salmon: Social-Ecological Resilience and Salmon Aquaculture in Japan
日本学術振興会: 科学研究費助成事業
伊藤 毅 渡邉 剛弘 
Project Year: Apr 2020 - Mar 2023
Project Year: Apr 2017 - Mar 2023
Project Year: 2021 - 2022

Social Activities