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Researcher List >> Kiyokazu Okita

Kiyokazu Okita

NameKiyokazu Okita
AffiliationSophia University
SectionFaculty of Liberal Arts, Department of Liberal Arts
Job titleAssociate Professor
DegreeBachelor of Arts(International Christian University), Master of Studies in the Study of Religion(University of Oxford), Doctor of Philosophy in Theology(University of Oxford)
Research funding number70708627
J-Global ID201401093791791193

Research Interests

Aesthetics ,Hindu Theology ,Theories of Emotion ,Bengali Literature ,Hinduism ,Indian Philosophy ,Classical Sanskrit Literature

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences / Philosophy - Chinese, Indian, Buddhist / 
  • Humanities & social sciences / Literature - General / 
  • Humanities & social sciences / History of thought / 
  • Humanities & social sciences / Religious studies / 

Research History

Sep 2020
Sophia University Faculty of Liberal Arts Associate Professor 
Sep 2017
Sep 2020
Sophia University Faculty of Liberal Arts Assitant Professor 
Apr 2013
Sep 2017
Kyoto University The Hakubi Center Program-specific Assistant Professor 
Apr 2011
Mar 2013
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Kyoto University, Department of Indological Studies Post-doctoral Researcher 
Aug 2010
Mar 2011
University of Florida Department of Religion Lecturer 


Kiyokazu Okita   
Journal of Vaishnava Studies   30(1) 225-244   Nov 2021   [Refereed][Invited]
Kiyokazu Okita   
Journal of Vaishnava Studies   29(2) 5-24   Apr 2021   [Refereed][Invited]
Kiyokazu Okita   
Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies (Indogaku Bukkyogaku Kenkyu)   69(3) 979-985   Mar 2021   [Refereed]
Journal of Indian Philosophy   48(3) 447-465   Apr 2020   [Refereed]
The Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies   68(3) 1107-1113   Mar 2020   [Refereed]


Kiyokazu Okita   
International Journal of Asian Studies   18(1) 147-149   Jan 2021   [Invited]
Kiyokazu Okita   
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ASIAN STUDIES   13(2) 245-248   Jul 2016   [Invited]

Books and Other Publications

Kiyokazu Okita(Part:Contributor, "Bhakti", Vol.1, pp. 219-226)
Wiley Blackwell   2022   
OKITA Kiyokazu(Part:Joint author, p. 159-170)
The University of Washington Press   19 May 2019   (ISBN:0295745509)   
OKITA Kiyokazu(Part:Others, p.226-227)
Maruzen   Jan 2018   (ISBN:9784621302354)   


Okita Kiyokazu   
The 14th International Conference on Early Modern Literatures in North India   16 Jul 2022   
Okita Kiyokazu   
Vaishnavism as Fine Literature   28 May 2022   
Okita Kiyokazu   
The Sixth Meeting of the ILCAA Joint Research Project Formation of the Indic World: From the Perspective of Frontiers   28 Mar 2022   
Okita Kiyokazu   
International Conference on Bhakti in Vaiṣṇava Traditions   22 Mar 2022   
Okita Kiyokazu   
International Conference on Hindu Philosophy   25 Feb 2022   

Professional Memberships

The Japanese Association of Indian and Buddhist Studies
Association for the Study of the History of Indian Thought
The Japanese Association for South Asian Studies

Research Projects

Multipolarization of Muslim Societies in South Asia
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A)
Project Year: Apr 2019 - Mar 2024
Studies on Cultural Pluralism in Early Modern South Asia: With Special Reference to Translation
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research (Fostering Joint International Research (B))
Project Year: Oct 2018 - Mar 2022
Religion and Ethics in Early Modern and Modern South Asia: From the Perspective of Gaudiya Vaisnavism
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B)
Okita Kiyokazu 
Project Year: Apr 2015 - Mar 2018
Faith and Ethics in Late Medieval to Early Modern South Asia: The Case of Gaudiya Vaisnavism
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Grant-in-Aid for Research Activity Start-up
OKITA Kiyokazu 
Project Year: Aug 2013 - Mar 2015
日本学術振興会: 科学研究費助成事業 特別研究員奨励費
置田 清和 
Project Year: 2011 - 2012

Social Activities

 19 Aug 2018 - 29 Aug 2018