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Matthew Schaefer

NameMatthew Schaefer
AffiliationSophia University
SectionCenter for Language Education and Research
Job titleLecturer
Research funding number80796722
ORCID ID0000-0003-4931-5858
J-Global ID201301072285729973

Research Interests

course design, narrative theory, CLIL, professional development

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences / Foreign language education / 

Research History

Apr 2020
Sophia University Center for Language Education and Research  
Apr 2014
Mar 2019
RIKKYO UNIVERSITY Center For English Discussion Class Program Manager 
Rikkyo University   


Matthew Y. Schaefer   
Language Teaching Research   136216882211288-136216882211288   Nov 2022   [Refereed]
The study looks at the case of a university language center in Japan that administers a compulsory English language course. To provide some level of standardization for the course, and to better meet the educational aims of the center, a content a...
Matthew Y. Schaefer   Samuel Reid   Anna Bordilovskaya   
Language Learning in Higher Education   12(1) 87-104   May 2022   [Refereed]

Students leaving the Japanese secondary education system have typically spent hundreds of hours studying English grammatical structures and memorizing vocabulary lists but relatively little time putting that knowledge to communicative u...
Matthew Turner   Matthew Schaeffer   Robert Lowe   
JALT Postconference Publication - Issue 2020.1; August 2021   2020(1) 53-53   Aug 2021   [Refereed]
Professional development and community engagement are important parts of maintaining commitment in language teaching. Podcasting is emerging as a form of professional development and engagement with the English language teaching community, both th...
Robert J. Lowe   Matthew W. Turner   Matthew Y. Schaefer   
Educational Action Research   29(3) 1-18   Apr 2021   [Refereed]
Matthew W. Turner   Robert J. Lowe   Matthew   Y. Schaefer   
ELT Research   35 28-319   2020   [Refereed]

Books and Other Publications

Lowe, R. J, Schaefer, M. Y, Turner, M(Part:Joint author, pp. 229-246)
Palgrave Macmillan   2021   
Schaefer, M. Y, Brereton, P(Part:Joint author, pp. 133-152)
Multilingual Matters   2020   
Matthew W. Turner, Matthew Y. Schaefer, Robert J. Lowe, Stephanie A. Houghton(Part:Joint author, p.261-287)
Springer   2020   
Schaefer, M. Y. & Brereton, P. (2020). Developing understandings of reflective practice and teacher training. In R. J. Lowe & L. Lawrence (Eds.), Duoethnography in English language teaching: Research, reflection, and classroom application (pp. 133...
DTP Publishing   2019   


Matthew Y. Schaefer   
JALT2012: Making a Difference   Oct 2012