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Researcher List >> MARIA MANZON


Alternative NamesMaria Manzon
AffiliationSophia University
SectionFaculty of Human Sciences, Department of Education
Job titleAssociate Professor
DegreeB.S. Business Administration and Accountancy(University of the Philippines), 学士(経営管理会計学)(フィリピン大学), Master of Education(The University of Hong Kong), 修士号(教育学)(香港大学), Doctor of Philosophy(The University of Hong Kong), 博士号(哲学)(香港大学)
J-Global ID201901007758025110


2004-2009: The University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Education, research on Comparative Education: The Construction of a Field.
2013-2016: Nanyang Technological University, National Institute of Education (Singapore), Office of Education Research, research on Asian Pedagogies: Singapore as a Microcosm; research on Engaging Parents as Supportive Partners: A Baseline Study of Singapore Practices.
2016-2019: The Education University of Hong Kong, Department of International Education and Lifelong Learning, research on Minority Parent Engagement in Hong Kong Secondary Schools: Capabilities for Social Justice.RESEARCH AREA: Comparative Education.
I would like to expand my work on the global histories of comparative education to explore the unique contributions from Asia, from the perspective of the feminine genius, spirituality, and values education.
I would also like to research on sustainability from an integral human development perspective drawing on historical, ethical, and theological literature, and translate these to education for well-being and happiness of human society.
- Introduction to Comparative Education
- Seminar in Comparative Education
- Comparative Education in Asia
- Experiencing the Miracle of Life
- God, Man and the World: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sustainable Development(Subject of research)
Asian Pedagogies: Singapore as a Microcosm
Engaging Parents as Supportive Partners: A Baseline Study of Singapore Practices
Minority Parent Engagement in Hong Kong Secondary Schools: Capabilities for Social Justice

Research Interests

Comparative Education ,Religion, Education, and Sustainability ,Women's role in values education in Asian cultures ,Parental involvement in education

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences / Education - general / Comparative Education
  • Humanities & social sciences / Education - general / Religion and education
  • Humanities & social sciences / Sociology of education / 

Committee Memberships

Jun 2022
Comparative Education (Routledge)  International Advisory Board
Southeast Asian Society (SEAS), Sophia University  Advisor
Dec 2020
World Council of Comparative Education Societies  History and Records Management Standing Committee
Jul 2020
Strategic Alliance of Catholic Research Universities (SACRU)  Working Group 2: Catholic identity and Laudato si: The common home and social justice
Jan 2015
Comparative Education Society of Asia  Board member


Dec 2010
Li Ka Shing Prize, Best PhD Thesis in the Faculties of Architecture, Arts, Business and Economics, Education, Law and Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong,Hong Kong SAR


Manzon, Maria   
Journal of Comparative Education (JCES)   66 109-125   Feb 2023   [Invited]
Melvin Chan   Maria Manzon   Helen Hong   Lana Y. L. Khong   
British Journal of Educational Psychology      Aug 2021   [Refereed]
Maria Manzon   
COMPARATIVE EDUCATION   56(1) 96-110   Jan 2020   [Refereed][Invited]
Action follows from being. One's way of doing and understanding comparative education follows from one's being. It springs from the soul. Using [Kim, T., and R. Brooks' (2013). "Internationalisation, Mobile Academics, and Knowledge Creation in Uni...
Siao See TENG   Maria Manzon   Kenneth K. POON   
Equity in excellence: Experiences of East Asian high-performing education systems   1-9   2019
A number of East Asian education systems (e.g. Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Shanghai, Singapore and Taiwan) have gained international prominence over the years, due to their rapid climbs to top positions in international tests such as the Progra...
Dennis KWEK   Rifhan MILLER   Maria Manzon   
Equity in excellence: Experiences of East Asian high-performing education systems   87-108   2019
While Singapore’s education system has achieved excellence especially in terms of international educational assessments, the issue of equity remains underexplored and contentious. This chapter examines the interplay of equity and excellence in Sin...


Ferrer, L   Pisani, T   Boada, I   Gomarasca, P   Landrigan, P   Gallego, F   Gerstmann, C   Guridi, R   Maier, R   Manzon, M   Pereira, J. M   Rodrigues, P   Remond, J   Zoboli, R   
   Feb 2023   
Manzon Maria   Polito, Michael R   Nakajima Midori   Sakura Mayuko   
Maria Manzon   
COMPARATIVE EDUCATION REVIEW   59(4) 780-783   Nov 2015   
Maria Manzon   
NIE Working Paper Series No.7      2015   
Parent engagement in children’s upbringing and education is crucial for a child’s holistic development. Awareness of the importance of parent engagement in Singapore is high but research is limited. This working paper aims to lay the foundation fo...

Books and Other Publications

Manzon, Maria(Part:Sole author, Author)
Grupo Magro Editores   Dec 2023   (ISBN:9789915960920)   [Refereed]
Manzon, Maria, Lihoma, Bandera, Gomarasca, Paolo, Maier, Roberto, Boada, Ignasi, Sabaté Gauxachs, Alba, Ferrer, Lilian(Part:Joint author, Corresponding author)
Palgrave Macmillan   Oct 2023   (ISBN:9783031403125)   [Refereed]
Manzon, Maria, Lee, Wing On(Part:Joint author, Corresponding author)
Springer   Mar 2023   (ISBN:9789811623271)   [Refereed]


Manzon, Maria   
59th Annual Conference of the Japan Comparative Education Society   17 Jun 2023   Japan Comparative Education Society   
Manzon, Maria   
5 Nov 2022   Philippine Normal University Comparative Education and Students’ Critical Leadership Society   [Invited]
Maria Manzon   
The 58th Japan Comparative Education Society (JCES) Annual Conference   26 Jun 2022   [Invited]
Maria Manzon   
The 58th Japan Comparative Education Society (JCES) Annual Conference   24 Jun 2022   Japan Comparative Education Society   [Invited]
Manzon, Maria   
Sophia-ESD Symposium “Values, Challenges and Prospects of Education for Sustainable Futures. Sophia University.   26 Mar 2022   [Invited]

Professional Memberships

Member, History and Records Management Standing Committee, World Council of Comparative Education Societies
Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong (CESHK)
Comparative Education Research Centre (CERC), The University of Hong Kong
Comparative and International Education Society (CIES)
Comparative Education Society of the Philippines (CESP)

Research Projects

Transdisciplinary Research for Achieving the SDGs: Focus on Water-Energy-Urban-Rural Nexus and Catholic Social Teaching
Sophia University, Japan: 
黄光偉 銭学鵬 川口真理 岡本菜穂子 Michael R. Polito Maria Manzon 
Project Year: 2021 - 2025
Comparative and International Education for ESD in Asia
Sophia University: 
Miki Sugimura Masahiro Nasu Masamichi Ueno Taro Komatsu Yasushi Hirosato Hideki Maruyama Maria Manzon Sayaka Matsukura Ying Syuan Huang Van Nguyen Naoki Umemiya Brenson Andres 
Project Year: Aug 2021 - Mar 2024
Collaborating towards an ecologically responsible education at Sophia
Sophia University: 11th Collaborative Staff and Faculty Innovation Research
Maria Manzon Michael R. Polito Midori Nakajima Mayuko Sakura 
Project Year: Nov 2020 - Nov 2021
Catholic Identity and Laudato Si: The Common Home and Social Justice
Strategic Alliance of Catholic Research Universities (SACRU): 
Ignasi Boada Paolo Gomarasca Philip Landrigan Tara Pisani Francisco Gallego Catalina Gerstmann Roman Guridi Lilian Ferrer Roberto Maier Maria Manzon Jose Manuel Pereira de Almeida Roberto Zoboli Patricia Rodrigues Jacqui Remond Alba Sabate 
Project Year: 2021
Engaging Parents as Supportive Partners: A Baseline Study of Singapore Practices
Ministry of Education, Singapore: 
Chan,Melvin Manzon, Maria Chan, Helen Tan, Teck Kiang Khong, Lana 
Project Year: Apr 2015 - Feb 2018

Social Activities

 Led a group of 15 student teachers from the Education University of Hong Kong for co-teaching with Cambodian teachers in two local schools in Siem Reap. Collaborated with a local NGO and an international NGO. 30 Jun 2019 - 13 Jul 2019