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Researcher List >> Augustine Sali

Augustine Sali

NameAugustine Sali
Alternative NamesSali
AffiliationSophia University
SectionFaculty of Global Studies, Department of Global Studies
Job titleProfessor
DegreeB.A. Political Science(University of Calicut, Kerala, India), B.A. Philosophy(JDV(Jnanadeep Vidyapeed) Pune, India), B.A. Theology(Sophia University), M.A. Area Studies (Ethnic Politics)(Sophia University), PhD. Area Studies (Ethnic Politics)(Sophia University)
J-Global ID200901013900318327


1995 B.A in Political Science, University of Calicut, Kerala, India
1997 B.A In Philosophy, JDV, Pune, India
2002 B.A in Theology, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan
2004 M.A in Area Studies(Ethnic Politics), Graduate Division of Foreign Studies, Sophia University
2007 Ph.D. in Area Studies (Ethnic Politics), Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan
2010 Sophia University Institute of Asian Culture, Islam-Area Studies
2011 Sophia University kyouseigaku research
2012 Sophia University Collaborative research on Atheism, Secularism, Fundamentalism...
2016 Sophia University Institute of Asia Africa & Middle Eastern studies project of religious dialogue    and Peace
2016 Sophia University Innovation program SOCHAS
2020-21 Sophia University Innovation program "Construction of Global Campus from Gender perspective”Interested in research on Cultural Nationalism, Ethnic Politics, Identity Politics, Multiculturalism, Human violence, Human Rights issues, Christian Humanism(Subject of research)
Conflict between two identity groups, especially the communal conflicts in India is being concentrated.
Violent Conflicts, Human Rights Issues, Social Concerns、Social Ethics and Philosophical Anthropology
Atheism, Secularism, Fundamentalism and Religious Dialogue as Challenges of Global Society

Research Interests

Violence ,Secularism, Fundamentalism ,社会倫理 ,Communal Conflict ,Identity ,Philosophical Anthropology ,Human Rights

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences / Politics / Ethnic Politics/Identity Politics
  • Humanities & social sciences / Religious studies / Political Theology
  • Humanities & social sciences / Local studies / Area Studies

Research History

May 2023
Sophia School Corporation  Chancellor 
May 2018
Board member of Kioicho ward   
Apr 2015
Province Consultor   
Apr 2018
Jun 2023
Managing Trustee for General Affairs of Sophia School Corporation   
Apr 2017
Mar 2018
Sophia University  Vice President for Student and General Affairs 


Apr 2004
Mar 2007
Sophia University Graduate School, Division of Foreign Language Graduate Program in Area
Apr 2002
Mar 2004
Sophia University Graduate School, Division of Foreign Language Graduate Program of Area
Apr 2000
Mar 2002
Sophia University Faculty of Theology 
Jun 1995
Mar 1997
Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth University Philosophy Philosophy
Jun 1992
Mar 1995
University of Calicut Political Science Political Science


Mikiko Sguiura   Yuka Mizutani   
86-90   Mar 2023   [Invited]
Sali Augustine   
Pax Lumina: A Quest for Peace and Reconciliation   2(5) 37-41   Nov 2021   [Invited]
Sali Augustine   
Japan Mission Journal   75(1) 8-14   Mar 2021   [Invited]
Michael Sheeran   
Sophia Magazine   5 20-22   Aug 2017   [Invited]

Books and Other Publications

Augustine Sali(Part:Others, The Realization of Peace)
Iwanami shoten   17 Nov 2020   
Augustine Sali(Part:Others, Preface)
kirisutoshinbunsha   15 Sep 2020   
Augustine Sali(Part:Joint author, 17-36)
University of Santo Tomas Publishing house, Manila-Philippines,   30 Aug 2018      
Augustine Sali(Part:Edit)
Sophia University   30 Mar 2016      
On Politics and Religion


Yamada Junichi   Augustine Sali   commentator   
Sophia University Seminar : Human Security and Peace Building   14 Jun 2022   [Invited]
Amina Mohammed   Deputy Secretary General of UN Commentator   Sali Augustine   
Special symposium by Amina Mohammed DGS United Nations   20 Oct 2021   Sophia University   [Invited]
Sali Augustine   
6th Research Saloon of the Institute of AAMES(IAAMES)   18 Mar 2021   [Invited]

Teaching Experience

Apr 2016
Society and Politics in South Asia (Faculty of Global Studies)
Apr 2016
Introduction to South Asia (Faculty of Global Studies)
Apr 2016
Human Rights in Asia (FGS)
Apr 2009
Aug 2018
Political Theology (Faculty of Theology)
Apr 2007
Mar 2016
Christian Humanism : Human Violence (Humanities, Theology)


May 2005
US Scholarship: Institute of World Learning Scholarship for the summer course, “CONTACT-Conflict Transformation Across Cultures”School for International Training (SIT), Vermont, USA
Apr 2005
Apr 2004
Sophia COE graduate Research Fellowship
Dec 2003
‘Teilhard de Chardin Scholarship Essay Award’, The Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Association of Japan


(1)    Dec 2020   [Invited]
9(23)    Sep 2020   [Invited]

Professional Memberships

Association of Asian Studies
The Peace Studies Association of Japan

Research Projects

Project Year: Jul 2020 - Jul 2022
Sophia University Education Innovation Program
John Joseph Puthenkalam Augustine Sali 
Project Year: 2010 - 2013
Project Year: 2012

Academic Activities

Augustinian Journal: A Journal for Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, and Education Apr 2018 - Today
Planning, etc・Panel, chair, etc
Sophia Institute of Asia Africa and Middle Eastern Studies Symposium (Sophia University bld 6, 202) 1 Dec 2021
Fr Robert Deiters SJ professor emeritus of Sophia University spoke about the atomic bombing and the war related experience
Peer review
Sophia Institute of Asia Africa and Middle Eastern Studies Sep 2021
Planning, etc・Panel, chair, etc
Sophia Institute of Asia Africa and Middle Eastern Studies 14 Dec 2020
Area Studies Mar 2020

Social Activities

[Report writing]
Sophia School Corporation Sophia University SDGs&Sustainability report 2020 1 Nov 2021
 上智の学生や教会の若者を連れて南三陸、大船渡などにボランティア活動を行った。合計45名参加 18 Feb 2012
 This group belongs to Ningengaku of the Department of Humanities,Sophia University. This is a small group of students who take up certain Global-social issues with serious studies, analysis and reporting every year. 1 Apr 2007 - 31 Mar 2008
 It was an awareness program for the high school students who look forward to begin their future life. It consisted of a self-awareness, Social analysis and transendental awareness programs. There were about 32 students from Kamakura-Eiko, Hiroshima-Hiroshima Gakuin, Kobe-Rokko Gakuin and Fukuoka-Taisei Gakuin. Aug 2007 - 12 Aug 2007