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Researcher List >> Shimokawa Masatsugu

Shimokawa Masatsugu

NameShimokawa Masatsugu
Alternative NamesPeter Shimokawa
AffiliationSophia University
SectionFaculty of Global Studies, Department of Global Studies
Job titleProfessor
DegreeMaster of Engineering(The University of Tokyo), Master of Economics(Yokohama National University), Doctor of Philosophy(Yokohama National University)
Research funding number40349022
J-Global ID200901059548401693


1995-2000 Rural-Urban migration and urban informal sectors in developing countries
1996- Urban informal sectors and economic development in developing countries
2000- People's process, enhancing the space of the poor, and alternative development
2009-Globalization,Poverty and Inequality
2011-Urban Redevelopment and exclusion (gentrification)(Subject of research)
Economics of Informal sector
People' process, enhancing the space of the poor, and alternative development

Research Interests

格差問題 ,informal sector ,globalization ,people's process ,economic development ,market ,homeless people ,poverty

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences / Economic statistics / 
  • Humanities & social sciences / Economic policy / 
  • Humanities & social sciences / Economic policy / 


Apr 1996
Mar 1999
Yokohama National University Graduate School, Division of International Development International Development


Masatsugu Shimokawa   
Asian Coalition Housing Rights   1-15   Aug 2013   [Invited]
Discussions of eviction in contemporary Japan must be approached a little differently than in most of Asia as Japan has no slum areas—at least not in the same sense as many other Asian countries. Thus, this article discusses the homeless rather th...
Shimokawa Masatsugu   
Cosmopolis   (1) 63-68   Mar 2007   
Sophia University AGLOS News   6 42-51   Jul 2005   


稲葉奈々子   下川雅嗣   
『グローバル・コンサーン』   (1) 1-2   Mar 2019   [Invited]
Masatsugu Shimokawa   
SELAVIP Newsletter (Journal of Low-Income Housing in Asia and the World)   2017 October 25-27   Oct 2017   

Books and Other Publications

Shimokawa Masatsugu(Part:Contributor, pp.14-58)
Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat, Society of Jesus   11 Nov 2017   
Jul 2012   
Shimokawa Masatsugu(Part:Supervisor)
Akashi Shoten   25 May 2012   (ISBN:9784750335865)   
下川 雅嗣(Part:Joint edit)
風行社   31 Mar 2010   (ISBN:9784862580382)   


2021年正義と平和協議会全国会議   19 Mar 2020   [Invited]
Masatsugu Shimokawa   Taku Miyakawa   
Leaders and Organizers of Community Organizations in Asia (LOCOA) Annual Meeting in Jakarta   13 Dec 2019   Leaders and Organizers of Community Organizations in Asia (LOCOA)   [Invited]
Public Forum on "Eviction and the Violation of Rights of the Urban Poor"   27 Sep 2012   Leaders and Organizers of Community Organization in Asia   [Invited]

Professional Memberships

Group of Poverty Research
Japan Law and Economics Association
International Economics and Finance Society (IEFS) Japan
Japan Economic Association

Social Activities

六甲カトリック教会 講演会 18 Sep 2022 - 18 Sep 2022
 Two lectures (1, Japanese Social issues, 2. Social Dimension of Christology) 29 Nov 2019 - 29 Nov 2019
 カトリック多摩教会での講演 11 Nov 2018 - 11 Nov 2018
 カトリック東京教区福祉委員会主催の講演会 11 Nov 2018 - 11 Nov 2018
 社会問題とカトリック教会の考え2018年度連続セミナーでの講演 3 Oct 2018 - 3 Oct 2018


”Shibuya’s Homeless During the COVID Pandemic,” Social and Pastoral Bulletin 214, 1-3