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Researcher List >> Sugiura Mikiko

Sugiura Mikiko

NameSugiura Mikiko
Alternative NamesMikiko Michelle Sugiura
AffiliationSophia University
SectionCenter for Global Education and Discovery/ International Cooperation Studies (Graduate School of Global Studies)
Job titleProfessor
DegreeBachelor of Law(The University of Tokyo), Bachelor of Art(Sophia University), Master of International Studies(The University of Tokyo), Doctor of Philosophy(The University of Tokyo)
Research funding number80463884
ORCID ID0000-0003-4196-9806
J-Global ID201301002250657785


Mikiko M. Sugiura is a Professor in the Graduate School of Global Studies, Sophia University. She also belongs to the Center for Global Education and Discovery. She holds a Ph.D. and a master's degree, both in international studies, and the first B. A. in law from the University of Tokyo besides the second B. A. in comparative culture from Sophia University.Her research focuses on developing institutional frameworks for sustainable water resources management, particularly river water use. She is keenly interested in issues related to sustainability, such as drought response, water rights systems (e.g., environmental water rights), and biodiversity conservation, based on the development of modern engineering technologies such as multi-purpose dams and long-distance water transfers.Her teaching interests are in conservation, environmental science, development studies, and developing a trans-disciplinary approach to ecological issues.
Her interest, in other words, lies in the interaction between humans and nature, and she is particularly interested in how water resource management reflects the diversity of physical (e.g., climate) and non-physical (e.g., culture) conditions. In particular, she is strongly interested in the characteristics and trends observed in agricultural water use (especially in rice paddies) in the Asian monsoon region, where more than half of the world's population lives. She approaches irrigation commons, institutions, and conservation based on river flow characteristics (gravity-led, hydrological cycle, and fluctuation in volume).Currently offers the following classes for undergraduate and graduate students: Conservation Studies, Environmental Science, Sustainable Development (for undergraduates), Environment and Development, Environmental History and Policies in Japan (for graduate students).

Research Interests

Off-steam use ,水資源管理 ,農業水利 ,Development and Environment

Research Areas

  • Environmental science/Agricultural science / Environmental policy and society / 

Research History

Oct 2021
Center for Global Education and Discovery/ Global Studies International Cooperation  Professor 
Apr 2021
Sep 2021
Sophia University Graduate School of Global Studies Master's Program in international Cooperation Studies Associate Professor 
Apr 2018
Sep 2021
Sophia University, Center for Global Education and Discovery  Associate Professor 
Apr 2014
Mar 2018
Sophia University, Center for Global Education and Discovery  Associate Professor 
Jul 2013
Mar 2014
国立大学法人総合研究大学院大学  特任講師 


Apr 2004
Mar 2007
The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Frontier Sciences Department of International Studies
Apr 2002
Mar 2004
The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Frontier Sciences Department of Environmental Studies
Apr 1999
Sep 2001
Sophia University Faculty of Comparative Culture 
Apr 1989
Mar 1993
The University of Tokyo Faculty of Law 

Committee Memberships

Nov 2022
超党派水制度改革議員連盟  水循環基本法フォローアップ委員会委員
Apr 2022
国土交通省  国土審議会専門委員(水資源開発分科会利根川・荒川部会)
Apr 2019
Japanese National Committee for ICID (International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage)  Member
Apr 2015
農業農村工学会農業農村整備政策研究部会  幹事
Sep 2023
Oct 2024
Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA)  Committee on measures to promote participatory irrigation management


Sep 2018
The Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Rural Engineering, Award for Distinguished Paper
Sophia University, Good Practice Award for Excellent Lecture 2015
Mar 2007
東京大学, 新領域創成科研究科長賞(博士)


Mikiko Sugiura   
2023 ROMBUNNO.7-11(R) pp467-468   Aug 2023   [Refereed]
Mikiko Sugiura   
WS-MWSCD Paper No. 03, ICID Congress & 73rd IEC Meeting October 2022,Adeliade, Australia   24-37   Oct 2022   [Refereed][Invited]
Water scarcity is a social and relative concept that necessitates considering the social
and technological factors that determine the quantity and quality of water demand and
supply. Thus, institutional responses to water scarcity are diverse and ...
Mikiko Sugiura   Masahiro Tajima   
2022 ROMBUNNO.6-36(R)   Aug 2022   [Refereed]
Ewa Machotka   Mikiko Sugiura   Tsuguhiro Watanabe   
Global Environmental Studies   17 29-49   Mar 2022   
Takeshi Ito   Mikiko Sugiura   
Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development   63(5) 14-25   Sep 2021   [Refereed]


OKAJIMA Kenji   SUGIURA Mikiko   YAMAOKA Kazumi   
77(1) 33-35   Jan 2009

Books and Other Publications

Eds. Mikiko Siugiura, Yuka Mizutani(Part:Edit, 序にかえて(8-14)・第7章(223-253))
Published by Sophia University Printed by Gyosei Co.   Mar 2023   (ISBN:9784324112663)
1 Oct 2022   (ISBN:9784254261745)
Sugiura Mikiko(Part:Joint author, p.313-329)
Sidestone Press, Leiden   2015   (ISBN:9789088902789)   
Water & Heritage … tells the story of water heritage in all its diversity. It reveals the technical ingenuity that water heritage has always inspired, and it presents the challenges that this heritage faces, along with possible solutions. Reflecti...
Sugiura Mikiko(Part:Joint author, p.179-200)
Routledge, New York   2015   (ISBN:9780415749978)   
This book uniquely explores the long-term impacts of displacement and resettlement. It shows that long-term post-project evaluation is necessary to assess the rehabilitation and livelihood reconstruction of resettlers after relocation. It focuses ...


Mikiko Sugiura   
Special lecture, Japanese Association of International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage in 2023   27 Jun 2023   [Invited]
Mikiko Sugiura   
Post-conference Briefing: The 24th International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage & 73rd IEC Meeting   6 Feb 2023   
Mikiko Sugiura   
International Workshop, The 24th ICID Congress and the 73rd IEC Meeting, Adelaide Australia   3 Oct 2022   [Invited]
Mikiko Sugiura   Masahiro Tajima   
Annual conference of Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage, and Rural Engineering   1 Sep 2022   

Teaching Experience

Apr 2021
Environment and Development (Sophia University)
Apr 2021
Environmental History and Policies in Japan (Sophia University)
Conservation (Sophia University)
Sustainable Development (Sophia University)
Environmental Science (Sophia University)

Professional Memberships

Apr 2023
Japan Society for International Development

Research Projects

Sustainable use model for water and land resources based on local people's understanding and participation in an oasis society in the western desert of Egypt
JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency)・AMED・JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency): SATREPS:Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development
[Japanese Researchers only] Iwasaki, Erina Yoshida, Shuichiro Matsuokoa, Nobuhiro Mizoguchi, Masaru Tsujimura, Maki Saitoh, Kei Anis Chibkine Nishida, Kazuhiro Miyasaka, Katori Donghe XU Hama, Akira Matuyama, Yuki Nagasawa, Eiji Okado, Masaki Akahori, Masayuki Sugiura, Mikiko Kashiwagi, Kenichi Fukami, Naoko 
Project Year: 2023 - Mar 2028
上智大学: 上智大学学術研究特別推進費「自由課題研究」(2023年度)学内競争的資金
東大作 杉浦未希子 
Project Year: Sep 2023 - Mar 2025
International Collaboration Research on Visualization of Learning Outcome in Higher Education
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B)
Project Year: Apr 2021 - Mar 2025
上智大学: 上智大学出版(SUP)出版企画(2022年度)
佐久間勤 曄道佳明 アガスティン・サリ 出口真紀子 東大作 小松太郎 廣里恭史 小松太郎 丸山英樹 李ウォンギョン 水谷裕佳 杉浦未希子 
Project Year: Jul 2022 - Mar 2023
生まれ変わる水辺環境と再創造される文化: Greater Tokyo のアクターからの視点
上智大学: 2020年度第2回ソフィア国際シンポジウム企画(2021年度まで延期)
渡邉 剛弘 杉浦 未希子 
Project Year: Apr 2020 - Mar 2022

2023年10月30日富山国際会議場で開催された全国土地改良事業団体連合会主催「疏水フォーラムin常西用水2023:疏水の今そして未来へ」のパネルディスカッション(テーマ:都市地域の疏水の保全管理を考える)でコーディネーターを務めた (2023年10月31日現在)
「水土の知:農業農村工学会誌」2021, vol.89 no.08, p.69.
Nov 2020 - Nov 2020
Commentator for three presentations of "Sustainable Development and Water in Egypt and South Asia" in Sophia Open Research Weeks 2020