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Researcher List >> Murai Noriko

Murai Noriko

NameMurai Noriko
AffiliationSophia University
SectionFaculty of Liberal Arts, Department of Liberal Arts / Graduate Program in Global Studies
Job titleProfessor
DegreeBA in History of Art, summa cum laude, phi beta kappa(University of California, Berkeley), MA in History of Art and Architecture(Harvard University), PhD in History of Art and Architecture(Harvard University)
Research funding number10574999
ORCID ID0000-0002-8841-0172
J-Global ID201301009892915235

Research Interests

Art History ,modern art ,History of Japan-US Cultural Contact ,Japonisme ,Gender Studies ,Feminism ,Japanese Studies

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences / Art history / 
  • Humanities & social sciences / Aesthetics and art studies / 
  • Humanities & social sciences / Gender studies / 

Research History

Apr 2023
Sophia University Faculty of Liberal Arts / Graduate Program in Global Studies Professor 
Apr 2023
Sophia University Faculty of Liberal Arts / Graduate Program in Global Studies Associate Professor 
Sep 2017
Jun 2018
Harvard University Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies Visiting Scholar 
Sophia University Faculty of Liberal Arts Assistant Professor 
Temple University Japan Campus Undergraduate Program Assistant Professor 


Harvard University The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Department of History of Art and Architecture 

Professional Memberships

Japan Art History Forum
Association for Asian Studies
Society for the Study of Japonisme


Terra Foundation for American Art, Research Travel Grant to the United States,Visualizing Transformation: East Asian Inspired Images of Water in the Work of John La Farge
Association of Art Museum Curators (AAMC), Honorable mention in the category "Outstanding Exhibition Catalogue" of the Annual Awards for Excellence,Journeys East: Isabella Stewart Gardner and Asia
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Inaugural Scholar-in-Residence
Department of History of Art, University of California at Berkeley, Valedictorian

Committee Memberships

Monumenta Nipponica  Advisory Board Member
Asian Studies Conference Japan  Executive Committee Member
Journal of History of Modern Art, the Korean Association for History of Modern Art  Editorial Board Member
Society for the Study of Japonisme  Secretary General
Association for Asian Studies  Elected Member, Council of Conferences

Books and Other Publications

ジャポニスム学会, 高木陽子, 村井則子, 高馬京子, 藤原貞朗(Part:Joint edit)
思文閣出版   25 Apr 2022   (ISBN:4784220348)
Noriko Murai, Jeff Kingston, Tina Burrett(Part:Joint edit)
Routledge   22 Feb 2022   (ISBN:0367221675)
河野至恩, 村井則子(Part:Joint edit)
勉誠出版   25 Dec 2017   (ISBN:4585226826)
Noriko Murai, Alan Chong(Part:Joint edit)
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum   30 Jun 2014   (ISBN:0914660322)
Alan Chong, Noriko Murai, et al(Part:Joint author)
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum,Published in association with Gutenberg Periscope Publishing   1 Apr 2009   (ISBN:1934772755)


Noriko Murai   
ジャポニスム研究 = Studies in Japonisme   38(別冊)(38) 43-48   2018   [Invited]
村井 則子   
ジャポニスム研究 = Studies in Japonisme   34(別冊)(34) 103-107   2014   [Invited]
Noriko Murai   Yukio Lippit   
Review of Japanese Culture and Society   24 1-14   2012   [Invited]
Noriko Murai   
Review of Japanese Culture and Society   24 70-93   2012   [Invited]
Noriko Murai   
Journal of History of Modern Art (Korean Association for History of Modern Art)   26 211-244   Dec 2009   [Refereed][Invited]


高木陽子   村井則子   高馬京子   藤原貞朗   
鴨東通信   2-7   Apr 2022   [Invited]
Report about the COIL course taught by Noriko Murai (Sophia University) and Alessia Carpoca (University of Montana) in "The Exciting Future of Collaborative International Education"   
Sophia Magazine   12 11-11   Sep 2021   [Invited]
Noriko Murai   
Monumenta Nipponica   76(2) 395-400   2021   [Invited]
International Journal of Asian Studies   1-3   2020   [Invited]


Noriko Murai   
MSU Asian Studies Center Global Virtual Speakers Program, , sponsored by the MSU Japan Council, Asian Studies Center, Department of Art, Art History & Design, Asian Pacific American Studies Program, and Global Studies in the Arts & Humanities, Michigan State University   7 Apr 2022   [Invited]
Noriko Murai   
Japan Forum Lecture Series, Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, co-sponsored by the East Asian Art Program at Harvard University, Harvard University   11 Feb 2022   [Invited]
The Society for the Study of Japonisme 40th Anniversary Forum “Japonisme as a Field of Study: Past, Present, and Possibilities”   [Invited]
The international symposium “Group Dynamics—The Blue Rider Collection and the Artists’ Collectives of the Modernist Period,” the Lenbachhaus, Munich   [Invited]

Research Projects

Feminism and Female Empowerment in the 21st-Century Academy
Sophia University: Collaborative Research Projects
Project Year: Apr 2022 - Mar 2023
Heisei Becomes History: Critical Reflections on a Period and Periodization
Sophia University: Collaborative Research Projects
Project Year: Apr 2019 - Mar 2021
Project Year: Apr 2013 - Mar 2017
Visualizing Transformation: East Asian Inspired Images of Water in the Work of John La Farge
Terra Foundation for American Art: Research Travel Grant to the United States
Project Year: 2017
Inventing Asia: American Perceptions around 1900
Sophia University: Publication grant
Project Year: 2014

Social Activities

上智大学プロフェッショナル・スタディーズ 越境する日本文学と美術 2021