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理工学部 物質生命理工学科

Researcher List >> Odagiri Takeshi

Odagiri Takeshi

NameOdagiri Takeshi
AffiliationSophia University
SectionFaculty of Science and Technology, Department of Materials and Life Sciences
Job titleProfessor
Research funding number80282820
J-Global ID200901084287226109

Research Areas

  • Natural sciences / Semiconductors, optical and atomic physics / 


Feb 2006
財団法人手島工業教育資金団 藤野研究賞


Tatsuo Kaneyasu   Takeshi Odagiri   Hirokazu Tanaka   Jun-ichi Adachi   Yasumasa Hikosaka   
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena   259 147244-147244   Aug 2022   [Refereed]
Yasumasa Hikosaka   Pascal Lablanquie   Tatsuo Kaneyasu   Jun-ichi Adachi   H. Tanaka   I. H. Suzuki   M. Ishikawa   Takeshi Odagiri   
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics   54(18) 185002   Oct 2021   [Refereed]
Kouichi Hosaka   Yutaro Torizuka   Philipp Schmidt   Arno Ehresmann   Takeshi Odagiri   Masashi Kitajima   Noriyuki Kouchi   
Physical Review A   103(6) 062809   Jun 2021   [Refereed]
Y. Hikosaka   P. Lablanquie   T. Kaneyasu   J. Adachi   H. Tanaka   I. H. Suzuki   M. Ishikawa   T. Odagiri   
Physical Review A   103(4) 043119   Apr 2021   [Refereed]
J Adachi   H Tanaka   T Kosuge   H Ishii   I H Suzuki   T Kaneyasu   T Taniguchi   T Odagiri   S Ohtaki   Y Tsuji   K Soejima   P Lablanquie   Y Hikosaka   
J. Phys.:Conf. Ser.   1412 152092-152092   Jun 2020   [Refereed]
We have developed three pulse selectors to obtain soft x-ray pulses with repetition rates suitable for electron coincidence measurements. The devices enable us to pick out the light pulse from the solo bunch located in the center of the 364-ns dar...


Takeshi Odagiri   
RADIOISOTOPES   66(10) 417-424   Oct 2017   [Refereed][Invited]
Basic knowledges on photon and charged particle interactions with matters have been summarized in terms of cross sections for partial processes.
M. Hoshino   M. Matsui   Y. Mochizuki   T. Odagiri   A. Kondo   K. Shigemura   M. Kitajima   N. Watanabe   J. Adachi   P. Limão-Vieira   H. Tanaka   
Journal of Physics: Conference Series   635 112055-1-1   Sep 2015   [Refereed]
Hoshino M.   Matsui M.   Mochizuki Y.   Odagiri T.   Shigemura K.   Kondo A.   Kitajima M.   Watanabe N.   Adachi J.   Tanaka H.   
Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan   69(2) 88-88   Aug 2014
Shiino K.   Nakanishi Y.   Hosaka K.   Odagiri T.   Kitajima M.   Kouchi N.   
Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan   69(1) 209-209   Mar 2014
Ohrui S.   Shiratori T.   Odagiri T.   Kumagai Y.   Hosaka K.   Kitajima M.   Kouchi N.   
Meeting abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan   69(1) 209-209   Mar 2014

Books and Other Publications

Odagiri Takeshi(Part:Joint author, Chap.2)
CRC Press   7 Jan 2011   (ISBN:9781439811771)   
It focuses on relatively direct applications used mainly in radiation research fields as well as the interface between radiation research and other fields.
小田切 丈(Part:Joint author, 227-229)
学会出版センター   28 Feb 2006   (ISBN:4762230502)   
Odagiri Takeshi(Part:Joint author)
20 Jul 2004   (ISBN:409506711X)   


T. Odagiri   Y. Sugawara   T. Kaneyasu   J. Adachi   H. Tanaka   I. H. Suzuki   S. Suzuki   Y. Hikosaka   
23 Mar 2023   
高村朝陽   今村隼   鎌田遥   鈴木功   小田切丈   
2022年度量子ビームサイエンスフェスタ   15 Mar 2023   
小田切丈   菅原雄真   金安達夫   足立純一   田中宏和   鈴木功   鈴木さくら   彦坂泰正   
第36回日本放射光学会年会・ 放射光科学合同シンポジウム   8 Jan 2023   
小田切 丈   今村 隼   高村 朝陽   鎌田 遥   鈴木 功   
第36回日本放射光学会年会・ 放射光科学合同シンポジウム   8 Jan 2023   
T. Odagiri   P. Lablanquie   T. Kaneyasu   J. Adachi   H. Tanaka   I. H. Suzuki   M. Ishikawa   Y. Hikosaka   
International Workshop on Photoionization (IWP) Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering (RIXS) 2022   16 Nov 2022   

Professional Memberships

The Physical Society of Japan
The Atomic Collision Society of Japan
The Chemical Society of Japan
Japanese Society of Radiation Chemistry
Japan Society for Molecular Science

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