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Williams John

NameWilliams John
AffiliationSophia University
SectionFaculty of Foreign Studies, Department of English Studies
Job titleProfessor
Degree21 B.A Hons(University of Cambridge), 学士(ケンブリッジ大学), P.G.C.E(University of Cambridge), 公立学校教員免許(ケンブリッジ大学), M.A(University of Cambridge), 修士(ケンブリッジ大学)
Research funding number40338439
J-Global ID200901091850180648


I am currently working on several projects related to Adaptation and cross-cultural adaptation.
In 2020 I received Priority Research funding from Sophia University for a project titled Adaptation and Regional Regeneration.
This project is a joint research, international project and involves completion of a documentary about a fishing village on Sado Island and the production of a Japanese language adaptation of Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood.
The project is a three year project, beginning in 2020 and in association with AAS. (The Association of Adaptation Studies.)
As well as my interest in Adaptation Studies I continue to write original fiction scripts and am currently preparing two feature film projects.(Proposed theme of joint or funded research)
Representations of Immigrants in British Cinema

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences / Aesthetic practices / 

Research History

Apr 2002
Mar 2003
Saitama University   
Apr 1998
Mar 2001
Aichi Prefectural University  Lecturer 
Apr 1998
Mar 2001
Apr 1998
Mar 2001
Chukyo University   
Apr 1991
Mar 2001
Nanzan University  Lecturer 


Oct 2006
Luxemburg International Film Festival - Best Film (Starfish Hotel)
Aug 2006
Austin Fantastic Film Festival (Best Production Design)
Jun 2005
Ministry of Culture Award for Newcomer Directors
Apr 2005
Japan Foundation (Kokusai Koryu Kikin) - Award for Starfish Hotel
Apr 2002
Cinequest (San Jose) Audience Award for Best Film


John Williams   
Sophia Journal of European Studies: Vol.10   10 225-230   Mar 2018
John Williams   
9 4-23   Mar 2016
John Williams   
5 5-20   Mar 2011

Books and Other Publications

Kimiyo Ogawa, Kazuaki Yoshimura(カフカの小説Der Prozessを日本語映画『審判』に翻案するー私はアルゴリズムではない)
Shumpusha Publishing Co, Ltd.   Nov 2021   
John Williams(Part:Contributor, ヨーロッパ映画史)
Mar 2020   
Kimiyo Ogawa, Shinichi Murata, Kazuaki Yoshimura(Part:Contributor, 壊れたテンペスト ーシェイクスピア『テンペスト』を日本映画『佐渡テンペスト』に翻案する)
Shumpusha Publishing Co, Ltd.   Oct 2017   


John Williams   
17th Annual Association of Adaptation Studies Conference (In)visible Adaptation: Diversity and Inclusion   Association of Adaptation Studies   
John Williams   Tao Nashimoto   
Talk Session   
Jitti Chompee   Takashi Kawashima   Nicole Krauss   John Williams   Marc Kaufman   
John Williams   
UNFOLDING KAFKA FESTIVAL 2019   26 Oct 2019   

Professional Memberships

Japan Directors Guild


John Williams   
Jan 2020 - Jan 2020   Artistic work
Theatre Play
John Williams   
Jun 2018   Artistic work
Feature Film Adaptation of Kafka's The Trial, Released in Eurospace Cinema Shibuya and other cinemas in Japan
John Williams   
Oct 2017   Artistic work
Mockumentary about a Creature in a Canal in Nagoya, Part of the Omnibus Film, Music in Nakagawa, Cinema Skhohle Productions
John Williams   
Feb 2013   Artistic work
Japanese Language Feature Film (Released Theatrically in Eurospace in July 2014
Mirjam Van Veelen   John Williams   
Nov 2007   Artistic work

Media Coverage

NHK   J-Flicks   May 2016   [TV or radio program]
I am a regular guest and commentator on the NHK World program J-Flicks, which covers contemporary Japanese Cinema.
Intellect, Ltd   Directory of World Cinema JAPAN2   Industry Spotlight - Interview with John Williams   2012   [Other]


I taught a one day intensive Seminar on Film Production to aspiring Japanese directors and producers
I was invited by the Talent Campus at Ossians International Film Festival to lecture on Production Design in film to a group of young Indian and South Asian film directors.