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Researcher List >> Naoki Fukui

Naoki Fukui

NameNaoki Fukui
AffiliationSophia University
SectionGraduate School of Languages and Linguistics, Master's (Doctoral) Program in Linguistics
Job titleProfessor
Degree教養学士(International Christian University), 教育学修士(International Christian University), Ph.D. in Linguistics(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Research funding number60208931
J-Global ID200901046814317810


Post-doctoral Fellow: Center for Cognitive Science, MIT (1986-1987)
Invited Fellow: ATR International (Summer 1999)
Japan Foundation Fellow: University of Tokyo (October 2000-July 2001)My research is primarily concerned with the nature and functioning of the faculty of language, a biologically endowed human cognitive capacity. I am particluarly interested in constructing an explanatory theory of invariant principles of the human language faculty, as they interact with the system of parameters. The nature of these parameters (their emergence and interconnections) is also my central concern.(Subject of research)
General linguistic theory, theory of parameters, comparative syntax, mathematical model of language acquisition

Research Interests

generative grammar ,philosophy of linguistics ,the neuroscience of language ,universal grammar ,comparative syntax ,parameters

Research Areas

  • Life sciences / Basic brain sciences / 
  • Humanities & social sciences / Japanese linguistics / 
  • Humanities & social sciences / English linguistics / 
  • Humanities & social sciences / Linguistics / 

Research History

Apr 2023
National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics Research Division Visiting Professor 
Apr 2003
Sophia University  Professor 
Jan 2006
Jun 2006
Harvard University Department of Linguistics Visiting Professor 
Jul 1998
Mar 2003
University of California, Irvine Department of Linguistics Professor 
Oct 2000
Jul 2001
The University of Tokyo Faculty of Letters Japan Foundation Visiting Fellow 


Sep 1982
Jun 1986
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Linguistics and Philosophy 

Committee Memberships

Apr 2021
日本言語学会  会長
Oct 2017
Mar 2023
大学共同利用機関法人国立国語研究所  運営会議委員
Apr 2018
Mar 2021
日本言語学会  常任委員
Apr 2006
Mar 2021
日本英語学会  評議員
Apr 2006
Mar 2021
日本言語学会  評議員


Sanki Ichikawa Prize
Oct 2000
Fellow, Japan Foundation
Jul 1999
ATR Media Integration and Communications Lab, Invited Fellow
Jun 1982
Fulbright All-expense Fellowship


Keita Umejima   Isso Nakamura   Naoki Fukui   Mihoko Zushi   Hiroki Narita   Kuniyoshi L. Sakai   
Frontiers in Psychology   14 1-17   Jul 2023   [Refereed]
Surface linear (left-to-right) arrangements of human languages are actually an amalgam of the core language system and systems that are not inherently related to language. It has been widely recognized that an unbounded array of hierarchically str...
Naoki Fukui   
Gengo Kenkyu Anthology   3 1-34   2023   [Refereed][Invited]
Naoki Fukui   
Gengo Kenkyu   161 1-33   Mar 2022   [Refereed][Invited]
Kyohei Tanaka   Isso Nakamura   Shinri Ohta   Naoki Fukui   Mihoko Zushi   Hiroki Narita   Kuniyoshi L. Sakai   
Frontiers in Psychology   10    Nov 2019   [Refereed]
Naoki Fukui   
Southern Review   33 3-19   Dec 2018   [Invited]


Naoki Fukui   
Keywords and Reviews: Linguistic Theory and the Theory of Language Acquisition   136-139   Mar 2023   [Refereed][Invited]
Naoki Fukui   
73(8) 41-45   Aug 2021   [Invited]
Naoki Fukui   
VOGUE      Dec 2020   [Invited]
Naoki Fukui   
English Teaching Journal   68(3) 91-91   Mar 2019   [Invited]
Naoki Fukui   
The Encyclopedia of Japanese Linguistics   800-801   Oct 2018   [Refereed][Invited]

Books and Other Publications

Chomsky, Noam, 福井, 直樹, 辻子, 美保子(Part:Joint edit, 全編)
岩波書店   May 2023   (ISBN:9784006004651)
酒井, 邦嘉, 合原, 一幸, 辻子, 美保子, 鶴岡, 慶雅, 羽生, 善治, 福井, 直樹(Part:Joint author)
中央公論新社   Jan 2022   (ISBN:9784121101259)
Hiroki Narita, Naoki Fukui(Part:Joint author, all pages)
Routledge   Jan 2022   
福井直樹, 渡邊, 明(Part:Supervisor, 監修および分担執筆)
岩波書店   Oct 2020   (ISBN:9784000078009)
Fukui Naoki(Part:Sole author)
Routledge   1 May 2017   (ISBN:9781138216143)   
A (second) collection of my articles on theoretical syntax and the neuroscience of human language


Naoki Fukui   
Natural Language Forum   28 Dec 2021   [Invited]
Naoki Fukui   
The Linguistic Society of Japan 163rd Annual Meeting   21 Nov 2021   [Invited]
福井直樹   酒井邦嘉   鶴岡慶雅   
神奈川大学評論   10 Feb 2020   [Invited]
Jun Nakajima   Shinri Ohta   Naoki Fukui   
11 Mar 2019   [Invited]

Professional Memberships

The Linguistic Society of Japan
The Science Council of Japan
The Japanese Cognitive Science Society
The Englishi Linguistic Society of Japan
The Linguistic Society of America

Research Projects

日本学術振興会: 科学研究費助成事業 挑戦的研究(開拓)
狩野 芳伸 
Project Year: Jul 2021 - Mar 2024
新学術領域研究 言語の起源・進化研究の理論的枠組み
日本学術振興会: 科学研究費補助金
Project Year: Apr 2017 - Mar 2022
日本学術振興会: 科学研究助成金
Project Year: Apr 2017 - Mar 2021
言語の脳機能に基づく神経回路の動作原理の解明 -- 言語の脳機能に基づく言語学理論研究
科学技術研究機構: 戦略的創造研究推進事業チーム型研究(CREST)
Project Year: Oct 2010 - Mar 2016
Project Year: Oct 2010 - Mar 2014

Social Activities

 Have been a member of the Science Counsel of Japan since 2006 2006 - 2014
 Have served as Board Member: Lingua, Linguistic Inquiry, Journal of East Asian Linguistics, Biolinguistics, The Linguistic Review Jan 1992


Have supervised numerous MA theses in linguistics since April 2003.