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Anno Tadashi

NameAnno Tadashi
AffiliationSophia University
SectionFaculty of Liberal Arts, Department of Liberal Arts
Job titleProfessor
Degree教養学士(The University of Tokyo), M.A.(Political Science)(University of California,Berkeley), Ph.D.(Political Science)(University of California,Berkeley)
Other Affiliation,
Research funding number40327870
J-Global ID200901023851974219


I study international relations and comparative politics, with a focus on the problems of nationalism and national identity, especially in Russia and Japan. So far, my research has focused on the process of formation of national identities and their impact on foreign policy. More recently, I have broadened my interest to include how “globalization” is transforming nationalism as the constitutive principle of political communities. I teach the following classes to undergraduates and master-level students: 1) Introduction to IR, 2) IR theory, 3) Japanese foreign policy, 4) comparative politics of post-communist states, 5) nationalism, citizenship, and democracy in Japan, and 6) regional security in Northeast Asia.(Subject of research)
Revision and publication of Ph.D. dissertation (UC Berkeley, 1999) entitled "The Liberal World Order and Its Challengers: Nationalism and the Rise of Anti-Systemic Movements in Russia and Japan”
Globalization and the Transformation of Russian national identity
Japan's Responses to the Liberal International Order: 1920's and 1990's

Research Interests

安全保障 ,政治理論 ,国家論 ,Japan ,Russia ,Globalization ,foreign policy ,national identity ,liberalism ,world order

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences / Politics / 国際関係論・国家論


Aug 1990
Dec 1999
University of California-Berkeley Graduate School, Division of Politics 
Aug 1990
Dec 1999
University of California-Berkeley Graduate School, Division of Politics 


Tadashi Anno   
SIIR Working Paper Series   (4)    Sep 2021   
Tadashi Anno   
Security cooperation between Japan and Australia over the last several decades has been largely underpinned by common factors and interests in the international system. As with most bilateral relationships, however, cooperation has also been encou...
Thesis (Ph. D. in Political Science)--University of California, Berkeley      Dec 1999   

Books and Other Publications

Tadashi Anno(Part:Joint author, 77-91)
21 Apr 2021   (ISBN:0367634333)
Article title: National Identity and Democracy: Lessons from the Case of Japan
Anno Tadashi(Part:Joint author, 227-249)
Rowman & Littlefield   16 Mar 2019   (ISBN:9781786607492)   
Anno Tadashi(Part:Sole author)
Routledge   4 Sep 2018   (ISBN:9781138290488)   [Refereed]
This book is a comparative historical study of how the two "non-Western" great powers emerged as challengers to the prevailing international order in the interwar period, each seeking to establish an alternative order. Specifically, Anno examines ...
安野 正士(Part:Joint author, pp. 11-35, 59-77)
東京大学出版会   19 Oct 2016   (ISBN:9784130203050)   


The Fourth Forum of Berdiaev's Readings   17 Aug 2015   Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Research   [Invited]
Presented my comparative research on national identity formation in Russia and Japan at a conference, held against the background of the "Asian pivot" of Russian foreign policy after the Ukrainian crisis.
The Second Japan-GUAM Dialogue   17 Jul 2015   The Japan Forum for International Relations and GUAM-Organization for Democracy and Economic Development   [Invited]
13 Nov 2010   
Examines the public opinion in Okinawa regarding US bases and particularly the issue of relocation of Futenma bases, and explores its implications for the US-Japan alliance.
Perils from the Periphery? The Politics of International Inequality: A Symposium in Honor of Andrew C. Janos   23 Apr 2010   Institute of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, UC Berkeley   
Al-Ahram/CPSS & Sophia COE/AGLOS Joint International Symposium on Globalization   6 Mar 2004   

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Japan Association of International Relations


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中国の興隆と東アジアの地域秩序――日露の国益と協力の可能性 (安全保障問題研究会・ユーラシア21研究所・カーネギー・モスクワセンター・ロシア科学アカデミー世界経済国際関係研究所主催 新しい日露関係・日ロ専門家会議2015[モスクワ、2015年3月4-5日]での発表)