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Researcher List >> Yuka Mizutani

Yuka Mizutani

NameYuka Mizutani
AffiliationSophia University
SectionCenter for Global Education and Discovery/Graduate School of Global Studies, Program in International Cooperation Studies
Job titleProfessor
DegreePh.D (Area Studies)(Sophia University)
Research funding number90568453
ORCID ID0000-0003-4755-3537
J-Global ID200901069016141532


My research focuses on contemporary issues on cultural revitalization by Indigenous people and the marginalized communities in North America and a part of the Pacific. I use interdisciplinary approaches mainly based on cultural anthropology, ethnic studies, Indigenous studies, and borderlands studies.
Other topics I focus on include transborder connections among Indigenous nations and local communities in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands; representation and narrative of history at museums and historical monuments; news media of Indigenous people and marginalized communities; cultural activities in the natural reserves including those within the desert and the ocean; the relationship of the Indigenous Nations (Native American tribes in the U.S.) and organizations working with Indigenous people (nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, museums, etc.) with the nation-states and the international communities.
Through my research, I aim to locate issues related to Indigenous people and marginalized communities in those of global society and academic discussions, in order to share the knowledge with people in various fields in Japan and the world.

Research History

Apr 2022
Sophia University Center for Global Education and Discovery Professor 
Apr 2022
Sophia University Graduate School of Global Studies Master's Program in international Cooperation Studies Professor 
Apr 2021
Mar 2022
Sophia University Graduate School of Global Studies, Program in International Cooperation Studies Associate Professor 
Apr 2015
Mar 2022
Sophia University Center for Global Education and Discovery Associate Professor 
Apr 2013
Mar 2015
Sophia University  Assistant Professor, Center for Global Discovery 

Research Projects

Japan Society for the Promotion of Scienceor S: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)
Project Year: Apr 2023 - Mar 2027
Socio-cultural interaction in the U.S.-Mexico border region including the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)
Project Year: Apr 2019 - Mar 2024
Conservation of Local Maritime Cultures in the US and International Relations in the Pacific Rim
Japan-U.S. Educational Commission (Fulbright Japan): Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program (at University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa)
Project Year: Sep 2019 - Mar 2020
Representation of Traditional Hawaiian Knowledge on Aquatic Fauna and Flora through Exhibitions of Aquariums to Tourists
Kurita Water and Environment Foundation: Research grant in Japan (Exploratory research)
Project Year: Oct 2018 - Sep 2019
Rethinking Native American Food Sovereignty: A Multidisciplinary Research about Cases in Southern Arizona
The Mitsubishi Foundation: Research Grants in the Humanities
Project Year: Oct 2016 - Sep 2017


Oct 2016
Sophia University, Teaching Award for Good Practice (Spring 2016)
Nov 2012
Japan Consortium for Area Studies, Budding Project,Integration of the Pascua Yaqui into the United States: Border Crossing and the Federal Recognition

Books and Other Publications

Mikiko Sugiura, Yuka Mizutani(Part:Joint edit, 「序にかえて」「専門分野を核としたグローバル教育の実践―米国先住民研究者による取り組みと学び」)
Sophia University Press   30 Mar 2023   (ISBN:9784324112663)   
Takami Kuwayama(Part:Contributor, Finding a connection between a "foreign land" and myself: Spending time with the Yaqui people in Arizona)
Minerva Shobo   1 May 2021   (ISBN:9784623091621)
MIZUTANI Yuka ed(Part:Edit, Society of the current US-Mexico borderland pp.3-43)
Iberoamerican Institute, Sophia University   Mar 2019   (ISBN:9784904704196)   
Also wrote the introduction (p.1-2.) Chapter 2 by another author is in Spanish.
Naoko Fukayama, Junko Maruyama, Makiko Kimura eds(Part:Contributor, Chapter 5 Senjumin no rekishi wo uradukeru shiryou toha (Documents and resources to prove history of the Indigenous people))
Showado   Feb 2018   (ISBN:9784812216408)
Kathleen Ratteree, Norbert Hill eds(Part:Contributor, Blood, Identity, and the Ainu Society in Contemporary Japan)
Fulcrum Publishing   Aug 2017   (ISBN:9781682750650)   
2017 Foreword INDIES (Social Sciences Section) Finalist


Yuka Mizutani   
The Japanese Journal of American Studies   33 87-108   Jun 2022   [Refereed]
Yuka Mizutani   
Japan Border Review   10 23-43   Mar 2020   [Refereed]
The Journal of American and Canadian Studies   36 63-86   Mar 2019   [Refereed]
Transactions of the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences, Aerospace Technology Japan   ists30 Po_5_1-Po_5_6   Feb 2016   [Refereed]


The Journal of American and Canadian Studies   39 65-68   Mar 2022   [Refereed]
Minpaku Tsushin   155 22-23   Dec 2016   [Invited]
Latin American and Caribbean Studies   19 17-19   May 2012   [Invited]


Yuka Mizutani   
The public lecture at Ginowan City Museum   10 Sep 2023   Ginowan City Museum   [Invited]
Yuka Mizutani, Mikiko Sugiura, Taro Komatsu, Hideki Maruyama   
The 59th meeting of Japan Comparative Education Society   18 Jun 2023   Japan Comparative Education Society   
Yuka Mizutani   
Sophia University, Iberoamerican Institute, Latin America Lecture Series   27 Jun 2022   
Yuka Mizutani   
Symposium "East Asia and the Americas being connected: Would a new 'Pacific world' be created?"   11 Nov 2021   Iberoamerican Institute, and the Institute of American and Canadian Studies (Sophia University)   
Yuka Mizutani   
Lecture series of Iberoamerican Institute of Sophia University, "Learning from Indigenous people in Latin America: Creating the post pandemic world."   7 Dec 2020   Iberoamerican Institute of Sophia University   

Media Coverage

Native Circles Podcast   Jun 2023   [Internet]
Interviewed with Dr. Farina King. (Mentioned on the Facebook page of Fulbright Japan on July 19, 2023.
ʻŌlelo Community Media   Hawaii Memories   Apr 2023   [TV or radio program]
‘Ōlelo Community Media   Hawaii Memories   Mar 2023   [TV or radio program]
Interview with Ms. Shari Tamashiro. (Mentioned on the Facebook page of Fulbright Japan on July 19, 2023.


Jun 2006
May 2009
University of California, Berkeley Visiting Scholar, Department of Ethnic Studies 
Mar 2009
Mar 2009
Ph.D. in Area Studies (Sophia University)  
Apr 2005
Mar 2008
Sophia University Faculty of Foreign Studies Graduate Program in Area Studies (Doctoral Program)
Apr 2003
Mar 2005
Sophia University Faculty of Foreign Studies Graduate Program in Area Studies (Master's Program)
Apr 1999
Mar 2003
Sophia University Faculty of Foreign Studies Department of Hispanic Studies

Social Activities

[Organizing member]
 (Naha, Okinawa) 6 Jul 2023 - Today
In collaboration with Diving School Famille Okinawa

Professional Memberships

The Japanese Association for American Studies
The Japan Association for Latin American Studies
The Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology
Native American and Indigenous Studies Association
Association for Borderlands Studies

Committee Memberships

Apr 2021
Iberoamericana by Iberoamerican Insisute, Sophia University  Chief editor

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences / Cultural anthropology and folklore / 
  • Humanities & social sciences / Local studies / North American Area Studies

Research Interests

Community ,Representation ,Exhibition ,Museum ,History ,Culture ,Collaboration ,Area Studies ,Minority ,Ethnicity ,Cultural Anthropology ,Area ,Environment ,Boundary ,Indigenous peoples ,Latin America ,Indigenous ,United States of America

Teaching Experience

Cultural Revitalization and Community Building: Learning from Indigenous Peoples in North America (Sophia University)
Geographical Boundary and Lives of People (Sophia University)
Cultural Revitalization and Ethnicity: Indigenous Peoples in North America (Sophia University)
Regions and Communities in International Society 1 (Sophia University)
Graduate research advising (Sophia University)