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Tsujigami Namie

  (辻上 奈美江)

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Professor, Faculty of Global Studies, Department of Global Studies, Sophia University
Master of Arts in Gender and Identity in the Middle East(University of Exeter)
Master of Arts in Gender and Identity(University of Exeter)

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2000-2002 Special Researcher, Embassy of Japan in Saudi Arabia
2004-2005 MA in Gender and Identity in the Middle East, University of Exeter
2003 Master of Economics, Kobe University
2008 PhD, Kobe University
2009-2010 Post Doctoral Fellow, Japan Society for Promotion of Science
2010-2012 Lecturer, University of Kochi
2012-2018 Project Associate Professor, Sultan Qaboos Chair in Middle Eastern Studies, University of Tokyo
2018-present Faculty of Global Studies, Sophia University

I'm looking at women's consumption, entrepreneurship and networking in the Arab Gulf States. My research interest also stretches into Arab female refugees' livelihoods in Europe.

(Subject of research)
Interdisciplinary Study on Politics, Gender and Migration on Saudi Arabia

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Books and Other Publications

  • 長沢, 栄治, 後藤, 絵美 (Role: Joint author, イスラームとジェンダー――湾岸地域を中心に (pp. 197-217))
    東京大学出版会, Sep, 2023 (ISBN: 9784130330756)
  • 田中, 雅一, 嶺崎, 寛子, 辻上, 奈美江他 (Role: Contributor, 揺らぐ家父長制ーーノルウェーのアラブ系難民女性の定住過程)
    昭和堂, Feb, 2021 (ISBN: 9784812220184)
  • 高尾, 賢一郎, 後藤, 絵美, 小柳, 敦史, 辻上, 奈美江他 (Role: Contributor, サウジアラビアの社会変革とジェンダー秩序)
    岩波書店, Jan, 2021 (ISBN: 9784000614474)
  • 鈴木, 董, 近藤, 二郎, 赤堀, 雅幸, 岡田, 保良, 鎌田, 繁, 長沢, 栄治, 永田, 雄三, 西尾, 哲夫, 深見, 奈緒子, 保坂, 修司, 桝屋, 友子, 水野, 信男, 森本, 一夫 (Role: Contributor, 「装い(サウジアラビア)」(pp. 102-103),「ジェンダー(サウジアラビア)」 (pp. 242-243), 「家族・親族(サウジアラビア)」(pp. 254-255), 「住空間(サウジアラビア)」(pp. 566-567))
    丸善出版, Nov, 2020 (ISBN: 9784621305539)
  • Stephan, Rita, Charrad, M. (Mounira, Tsujigami, Namie (Role: Contributor, Driving Campaigns: Saudi Women Negotiating Power in the Public Space)
    New York University Press, 2020 (ISBN: 9781479801046)



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