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Gramlich-Oka Bettina


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Professor, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Department of Liberal Arts, Sophia University
Doktor der Philosophie (PhD)(May, 2006, Tübingen University, Germany)
MA (Magister)(Sep, 1993, Tübingen University, Germany; Sophia University, Japan)

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Grants and Research Projects:

2005–2008: University of Tübingen, Japanologie, DFG research project: "Money and Monetary Policies of the Shogunate and Domains in Late Tokugawa Japan: Discourses and Practices." 
2008–2009: Heyman Center for the Humanities, Columbia University, New York (NY, USA), Postdoctoral Fellow: "Tadano Makuzu."
2009.5–2009.9: University of Tübingen, Japanologie, DFG research project: "Cholera: Health and Hygiene in Nineteenth Century Japan."
2010– : Network Studies in Japanese History, ICC project, Sophia University
2016–2022: Digitial History, JSPS Research Grants (Kaken C)
2018– 2021: Digital Humanities in the classroom, Educational Innovation Project, Sophia University

Major research project is the investigation of the social and intellectual network of the Rai family of Hiroshima during the late Tokugawa period.
A second research project deals with economic thought of the late Tokugawa period.
A third project deals with disaster discourses of the 1850s in Japan.
A fourth project deals with Tokugawa women and gender.

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(Subject of research)
Network Studies in Tokugawa Japan
Economic Thought of Late Tokugawa Japan
Reacting to the Past: New Approaches to Critical Thinking and Japanese History
Historical and spatial examination of networks in Asia
Digital Humanities in History



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