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Naoki Umemiya

  (梅宮 直樹)

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Professor, Center for Global Education and Discovery, Sophia University

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  • Naoki Umemiya, Miki Sugimura, Romyen Kosaikanont, Nordiana Mohd Nordin, Abdul Latiff Ahmad
    Journal of International Cooperation in Education, 26(1) 49-66, Apr 24, 2024  Peer-reviewedLead author
    Purpose This paper discusses the effectiveness of a consortium-based student mobility programme by investigating the impact of the Asian International Mobility for Students (AIMS) Programme. AIMS is a regional multilateral large-scale student mobility programme based on a consortium of 10 member countries and 87 member universities with the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Centre for Higher Education and Development (SEAMEO RIHED) as a facilitator. Over 6,000 students have participated in a semester-long intra-regional student exchange under AIMS since 2010. Design/methodology/approach The study employed questionnaire surveys and semi-structured interviews to investigate the impact of AIMS and its advantages as a consortium-based student mobility programme. Findings It was found that AIMS significantly impacted member universities by accelerating their internationalisation processes through increasing the number of inbound and outbound students and courses offered in English and so on. AIMS has promoted harmonisation among the members by developing common procedures and guidelines, providing platforms for mutual sharing of experiences and good practices and capacity building of international relations offices. AIMS has also had a significant impact on students by enhancing their regional identity and knowledge about the region of Asia, contributing to their development as future regional and global citizens. As advantages of AIMS, member universities efficiently built a foundation for international collaboration with common procedures and guidelines and shared their experiences through such venues as Annual Review Meetings. Students also feel supported by having clear guidance and find programmes prepared by host universities and SEAMEO RIHED useful. Originality/value This study is unique in that it empirically studies the impact of one of Asia’s largest student mobility programmes for the first time by analysing large-scale qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Naoki Umemiya, Mai Toda, Akiyoshi Yonezawa
    10 31-49, Mar, 2020  Lead author
  • 中野恭子, 榊美奈, 傳隆, 三浦佳子, 梅宮直樹
    工学教育, 68(3) 58-64, 2020  Peer-reviewed
  • 興津妙子, 梅宮直樹, 萱島信子
    アジア太平洋討究, 29 53, 2017  



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