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Puthenkalam John Joseph

  (プテンカラム ジョンジョセフ)

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Professor, Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics, Sophia University
Master of Arts(Bharatidasan University(India))
M.A & M.Th(Sophia University)
M.Sc. in Economics(The University of Glasgow)
Doctor of Philosophy(The University of Glasgow)

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Trustee for Global Academic Affairs, Sophia University,(グローバル推進化担当理事)2016~

Dean, Graduate School of Global Environment (2015-2017) 研究科委員長

1995 Comprehension of Freedom : Eastern and Western Ways of Thinking, Excalibur Press, London
1996 経済学博士号取得 学位論文 “Theories of Economic Growth”
1998 Integrating Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights Into Theories of Economic Growth, Palinsad     Publications, Manila.
2001 The Collision of Cultures? Dialogue Between Globalization and Culture, Academia Verlag,       Germany
2003 Zukünftigen Menschsein Ethik zwischen Ost und West、"What is Happiness", Germany。
2004 Empowerment: Sustainable Development Strategy for Poverty Alleviation, Rawat Publications,
New Delhi.

Human welfare depends on socio-economic development of the society in which one lives. Recently, I have been interested in how to anlyze the process of development from a social,economic and human development with an environmental perspective. This vision leads me to delve deeper into the paradoxical necessity to understand the need of economic development that will underlie human development and environmental protection. I hope this interdisciplinary path will bring about the theoretical background for a globalized world with a human face where the marginalized will feel empowered.

(Subject of research)
Environmental Literacy
Global Development Study
Economic Development and Global Environment Issues of Developing World
Impact of Railway Network on Poverty Reduction, Education and Environment
Branding Project Group of Institute for Studies of the Global Environment Research.

(Proposed theme of joint or funded research)
Research on Human Security: Comparative Study of Asia and Latin America
Theoretical Research for the Harmonization of Environmental Protection and Socio-Economic Development
Research on Social Justice and University Education
Environmental Literacy
Global Development Study
「Branding Project Group of Institute for Studies of the Global Environment Research,

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