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Xuepeng Qian

  (銭 学鵬)

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Professor, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Sophia University
Ph.D. in Engineering(Sep, 2007, Ritsumeikan University)

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  • Hu, J, Miao, L, Han, J, Zhou, W, Qian, X
    Journal of Environmental Management, 349 119370-119370, Jan, 2024  Peer-reviewedLast authorCorresponding author
  • Fan P, Qian X, Wang J, Yamada K
    Journal of Climate Finance, 100030-100030, Dec, 2023  Peer-reviewed
  • Longfor NR, Aduba JJ, Istrate IR, Qian X
    Resources, Conservation & Recycling Advances, 20 200192-200192, Dec, 2023  Peer-reviewedLast author
  • Longfor N, Hu J, Li Y, Qian X, Zhou W
    Sustainability, 15(23) 16384-16384, Nov 28, 2023  Peer-reviewed
    As the urgency of addressing climate change grows, strategies such as developing zero-emission campuses to achieve carbon neutrality are becoming increasingly crucial. Yet, research in this field remains somewhat underdeveloped and fragmented. This study aims to bridge this gap, providing a scientometric analysis of the research conducted on zero-emission campuses from 1997 to 2023, using data from the Web of Science Core Collection. The study analyzed 1009 bibliographic records with the aid of CiteSpace software, focusing on identifying key co-authors, co-words, co-citations, and clusters. The findings indicate a rapid increase in research in the field of zero-emission campuses, with a significant surge in the number of publications in recent years, culminating in 174 in 2021 alone. The leading universities in terms of publication count were the University of California System, Egyptian Knowledge Bank, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Furthermore, the United States, China, and the United Kingdom were identified as the main contributing countries/regions to publishing in this field, indicating a broad, global collaboration. The scope of research has broadened from technical elements, such as energy, to encompass social factors that influence sustainability. Emerging research areas were identified, including education and sustainability, renewable energy and energy efficiency, campus planning and design, waste management and recycling, policy support, and pro-environmental behavior. This study provides a structured overview of the research landscape in the field of zero-emission campuses, offering valuable guidance for academics and encouraging further collaboration. The identified research clusters, notable authors, and influential institutions hold significant implications for policy decisions, industry practices, and the implementation of zero-emission strategies on campuses, aiding in the broader pursuit of sustainability.
  • Wang J, Hong T, Sun F, Qian X
    Urban Climate, 52 101761-101761, Nov, 2023  Peer-reviewedLast author



Books and Other Publications

  • (Role: Contributor, 第12章 技術・社会のイノベーションとサスティナビリティ)
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  • Ling, Y, Qian, X, Zhou, W (Role: Contributor, Chapter 20 Potential for technical cooperation between Japan and China in a third-country market)
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